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Catalog Number 1989.2.8
Object Name Newspaper
Author Various
Title The Herald
Publisher Recorder Publishing Company
Date of Publication 1960
Place of Publication Conshohocken, PA
Summary 01/07/60 "Sex Crime Parolee Held for 72 Hours in Murder of Cecilian Academy Girl"
Route 309 expressway is opened.

01/14/60 "Count-Down Near in Launching of Community Plan"
Smith calm as confession causes stir.

01/21/60 "Will Area Lose $260,000 Payroll and Jobs for 40?"
Memorial mass 8 A.M. Jan. 30 for Maryann.

01/28/60 "Future of Chestnut Hill Rich in Opportunity Says Noted Urban Authority"
Probers slowed by conflicting reports on fire.

02/04/60 "Clergy-Direcetors to Map 10-County Catholic Campaign"
Man sentenced for burglary series in area.

02/11/60 "Noted Historian Will Write for Feb. 25 Special Edition"
'No more slaughter' through complaints to this zoning board.

02/18/60 "Maxwell Endorsed for Congress at Lincoln Day Dinner"
Scott asks crusade by federal dorces against smut traffic.

02/25/60 "Valley Forge Shrine to Washington's Leadership and Foundation of Freedom of America Press"
Development of Chestnut Hill from primitive wilderness to present-day exemplary community authentically traced by famous woman surgeon.

03/03/60 "History Month Addition Acclaimed by Area Citizens"
Historical Chestnut Hill homes, cultural endowments create an exemplary community.

03/10/60 "Springfield Votes on School Bond Issue of Primary"
Running start is urged by GOP workers.

03/17/60 "Elmo's Birthday, Indicted in Sex Murder of Girl"
Dr. Delacato discusses child reading problems before library throng.

03/24/60 "Census Expected to Show Increase in All Local Areas"
Cameraman Kinsley helps to film army-air test.

03/31/60 "$83 a Month Allotment 'Wipes Out' Springfield Recreation"
Spirited zoning debate spotlights importance of civic development.

04/07/60 "Mass Meeting for Recreation Set for April 28"
Congrees drive is speeded up by Maxwell.

04/14/60 "Lottery Foe Dies in Car; District Attorney DiJoseph Sticken at Traffic Light"
Officials rehash defense of action on recreation.

04/21/60 "Lloyd Wells Resigns Two Important Civic Posts"
Chestnut Hill set for Gala Floral welcome to spring.

04/28/60 "Schweiker Defeats Lafore in GOP Congress Race"
Girl hurt fatally, driver is pinned in smashed car.

05/05/60 "New DA Aims for Maximum Office Efficiency"
Mid-Chestnut Hill group banks split.

05/12/60 "Stewart's Petition Asks House Probe of Victor Blane"
Saturday closing of court house in summer likely.

05/19/60 "Ike Unable to Use 'Secret Weapon' in Summit Talk"
Hamilton sees Gettysburg in November vote.

05/26/60 "Springside to Award 33 Diplomas at Commencement June 14"
Sen. Hugh Scott is endoresd for Vice-President.

06/02/60 "Floutown Man Crushed to Death Repairing Auto"
Youth injured as home-made bomb bursts.

06/09/60 "'Greatest Weapon in U.S. Arsenal is Compassion"
Germantown Academy breaks ground for new school in Ft. Washington.

06/16/60 "Civic Leaders Urged to Study Area Problems"
Princess Grace return to Monaco.

06/23/60 "Final Rites Friday for John B. Kelly as City Mourns"
$8232 atmoic energy grant is received by Chestnut Hill College.

06/30/60 "Thank You Dinner Parade of Great Schweiker Power"
Smith trial in Gettysburg.

07/07/60 "Jail Traitors Halt Atheism Says Dr. Wells"
$1,901,582 for the city's public schools.

07/14/60 "13,000 Unregistered Citizens Can't Vote in 6th District - Maxwell"
Luongo joins in convention. Paul Edwards retires, 40 years served.

07/21/60 "Senator Scott in Chicago for GOP Convention"
A&P business good on the Hill.

07/28/60 "Bullet in Heart Ends Life of Hero Halting Holdup"
Mount Airy boy nabbed three hours after stolen car crashes.

08/04/60 "Young GOP Dinner Will Honor Scott at State Conclave"
Mid-residents split at end of first year.

08/11/60 "Nina Harmer, 14, to Swim in Rome; Detroit Winner"
Two girls assaulted criminally; 8 men held as suspects.

08/18/60 "96 Young Girls on way to Chestnut Hill for U.S. Lawn Tennis Competition"
Traffic survey is underway in Chestnut Hill.

08/25/60 "'Elmo Smith Thinks He'll Get Away with Murder'"
Girl killed by auto last day at camp.

09/01/60 "Mysterious Letter Rips into the CH Community Group"
Lehman trial is postponed.

09/08/60 "Commuters Solve Strike Situation in Chestnut Hill"
Killough quits as Mid-Chestnut Hill president.

09/15/60 "Insurance Broker Dies at Wheel of Auto in Hurricane"
13-year bicyclist rescued in flood after Donna visit.

09/22/60 "Senator Scott with Nixon on 11-State Tour; Toll and Senator Clark are Boosting Kennedy"
309 widening for 22 miles impractical?

09/29/60 "Future of 'Hill' will be Shaped by Civic Group"
Three girl students have narrow escape from death in crash.

10/06/60 "Times Unchanged as Lutherans Mark 100th Year on the Hill"
16-year girl dies in crash.

10/13/60 "Yankee Fan Marks 96th Anniversary"
Sen. Scott to campaign for GOP ticket in area Wednesday, Thursday.

10/20/60 "Supervisor Smith Resigns to Accept Providence Post"
Stereo-reader is invented by Dr. Delacato.

10/27/60 "Eisenhower Campaign in City for Nixon; Senator Kennedy Tours Area on Saturday"
Campaign organized to prevent election 'theft' in this city.

11/03/60 "Kennedy, Nixon Reply to Letters From 7 Year-Old Boys; One Sways Undecided Voters for Senator"
Nixon-Lodge ambassadors for peace, says Stewart.

11/10/60 "Kennedy our Next President"
New Bishop is elected by Episcopalians.

11/17/60 "Lee-Lawler Election Fight Ends Tomorrow"
Andorra moves west, leaves Chestnut Hill.

11/22/60 "Lee Edges Lawler, Wins House Seat"
Pennsy selling land on 'Hill'

12/01/60 "A&P Supermarket Opens Tuesday in Erdenheim; Features Two Entrances"
CHCA president board denounce 'local' editorial.

12/08/60 "Merging of School Districts Gains Support in County"
Committee of 12 will meet with city planners.

12/15/60 "Snow Storm Ties up Chestnut Hill for Over 24 Hours"
Trees robbed of bulbs.

12/22/60 "Gavel of Auctioneer at Rylston Sounds End of Chestnut Hill Era"
Depressed wife shoots self.

12/29/60 "Today: From 723 Photos in Year, the Top 29"
Firemen respond to two alarm fires on Christmas Day.
Notes This archive is comprised of The Herald for the years 1952, 1953,1955, 1956, 1957,1958, 1959, 1960, 1961,1962. (We do not have 1954.) There are also partial photocopies from the same years with the acession numbers 2006.66.1 - .3. These were copied and made available to David Contosta and CHHS by Lloyd Wells.
Mr. Wells is a significant figure in the history of Chestnut Hill from the mid 1940s' to 1976. He founded the Hill Hardware Company (with Eli Schmidt), now the Hill Company, the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation, the Chestnut Hill Development Group, and rewrote the bylaws, creating a quasi-governmental organization with the city of Philadelphia.
Also a political activist, Mr. Wells founded the The Cymbal newspaper in competition with The Herald. The Cymbal eventually became the Local; The Herald ultimately went out of business.