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Catalog Number 1989.2.6
Object Name Newspaper
Author Various
Title The Herald
Publisher Recorder Publishing Company
Date of Publication 1958
Place of Publication Conshohocken, PA
Summary 01/02/58 "Kelley to Take Oath as Register of Wills; Hemphill, Controller"
$9800 gem teft probed in Wyndmoor. New hospital wing to cost $1,500,000.

01/09/58 "Police Break Up Fagin-Like Ring of Young Robbers"
King to head businessmen's association.

01/16/58 "Commisioners Shut Door on Public as to Police Pay Increase and Hours"
Area trash to be hauled to Manayunk. 1000 at open house join in inspection of new Springside School.

01/23/58 "Henry Ave. Opened, Greatest Traffic Boon in Years"
3 boys confess role in series of burglaries.

01/30/58 "Night of Splendor Marks Academy's 101st Anniversary"
Scott claims U.S. still leads Russia.

02/06/58 "Ambulance Staff Presents Award to Richard S. Gross"
Four youths imprisoned for burglary.

02/13/58 "Chestnut Hill Award Shared by Two Women, Community Highly Praised by Mayor Dilworth"
super-government is seen essential by Lloyd Wells to ward off devastation.

02/20/58 "Liberty Bell Too Young Springside Visitor From Italy is 'Unimpressed'"
9 justices to hear Mary Knowles case in Court of Appeals.

02/27/58 "High School Senior will Live; Classmate in Shooting is Freed"
Lt. Ruegg roars in by jet from Mojave Desert for birthday dinner at home.

03/06/58 "700 at Mount Joy Turn Back Pages of U.S. History"
Chestnut Hill Community Center lists activites in 39th annual report.

03/13/58 "Protection Racket, Gang War, Threaten in School District"
Severe Chestnut Hill blight in 10 years is predicted by housing authority director.

03/20/58 "Throngs Protest PTC Routes for Wyndmoor, Erdenheim"
gartner gets GOP support for congress.

03/27/58 "United Efforts are Advanced for Area Development"
Area back to normal after blizzard of '58; rector was marooned.

04/03/58 "Today's Herald Starts 13th Year of Service in Chestnut Hill Area"
Area leaders praise Herald's cooperation in civic achievment.

04/10/58 "Political Spotlight on 'Hill'"
Hospital award cites congressman Scott for service to community.

04/17/58 "Shopping Center Rejection Needs Legal Approval"
Jet pilot killed, body interred here.

04/24/58 "Morgan Tract Fight is Intensified; Meeting Tuesday"
Fredrick Ball dies of heart attack on train.

05/01/58 "1,000 Sign Petition to Ban Retail Center on Morgan Tract"
Wyndmoor home looted 4th time in 5 years; area residents alerted.

05/08/58 "1000 Approve Morgan Tract Compromise"
Senator, wife hurt. Compensation for criminals deplored by GOP candidates.

05/15/58 "Political Payoff is Blamed on Pomeroy"
Heavy vote urged for Hugh Scott, entire GOP slate.

05/22/58 "'Regulars' Win in GOP and Democratic Primaries"
Six Russians tour 'Hill' as guests of friends tour.

05/28/58 "$400,000 Swim Club in Fort Washington"
Zoning facing severe test in Andorra Case.

06/05/58 "Dr. Hanes Dies, Wife Hurt Badly as Car Hits Tree"
Famed London physician and wife lecture here on rehabilitation strides.

06/12/58 " 144 Gets Springfield High Diploma"
Springside graduates 36 girls. 17 graduated from CHA.

06/19/58 "State will Erect Fence Along 309 By-Pass"
Nuclear tests seen less hazardous by Emlen than U.S. public housing.

06/26/58 "Police Nab Youth, Bride for Holdup"
Sedan upsets, then hits tree.

07/02/58 "100-Bed Hospital Hinges on Zoning Hearing Tuesday"
Intercounty head calms uproar on removal of trees.

07/10/58 "Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Pulpit Filled"
Institute to honor Commissioner Gibbons for outstanding work.

07/17/58 "U.S. Holds Line Against World Aggressor"
Local men command Indianlown Gap battle.

07/24/58 "Lt. Col. Doman Commander of Legion of Valor"
Quick action by a friend averts suicide.

07/31/58 "Loyalty Act Repeal Urged by Councilman; Traffic Court Assailed"
Councilmen to see Morgan Tract; call plans inadequate.

08/07/58 "18,000 Youngsters Root for Phils; Their Questions Strike Out Adult Guides"
Traffic vibration damages houses on East Evergreen ave.

08/14/58 "Whitemarsh Work on Sewers Keeps Up to Schedule"
Six area leaders named to UF special cabinet on all-year problems.

08/21/58 "Springfield Set for Opening of Public Schools"
Keep cool in 90-degree heat - try ice skating!

08/28/58 "Black Watch Battalion to Parade in Benefit For Hospitals Sept. 14"
Mascots of firehouse to vie in preview of scholarship fund show.

09/04/58 "Leader, Davis in Area Rally Monday Night"
Final rites yesterday for C. Barton Brewster.

09/11/58 "Democratic Drive in City Opened by Judge Davis"
Mammoth picnic is GOP tribute to 'Aus' Meehan.

09/18/58 "Andorra Chunk May Return to Chestnut Hill"
Gartner attacks governor leader for 370 pardons.

09/25/58 "Gov. Leader Gives Award to Editor; New Nation-Wide Weekly is Proposed"
Jet fighter soars srtaight up 6000 feet a minute into sky.

10/02/58 "'Over the Hill to Health and Usefulness'"
Human despair transformed into bright future.

10/09/58 "Youngsters Shaking off Polio Shackles"
Intercounty S-L unwraps plans for home office.

10/16/58 "Heart Overflows with Gratitude for Doctor's Aid"
Highway-type Russian roulette in Whitemarsh?

10/23/58 "Enfield School Provides Attractive Setting for Learning"
Woman found in coma on highway identified.

10/30/58 "Stewart Calls for GOP Victory at Pools Today"
Two-way attack is launched for traffic relief.

11/06/58 "2 Senators Now From Chestnut Hill"
Man who made parking easy for shoppers tagged in Conshohocken.

11/13/59 "Election News in Review Chain Surpasses All Other Weeklies, Some Dailies, in Area"
Man, wife terrorized by two thugs.

11/20/58 "L Bus Looped Unchanged; Police Sergeant and Civil Defense Director Resign"
Six on way from Chicago to meet family united first time in 50 years.

11/25/58 "Germantown Academy to Whitemarsh Valley"
Russia ready for war now, Dr. Wells says.

12/04/58 "Historians 'Rob' Valley Forge of True Significance"
Monaco royal couple enjoys quite dinner as Bridesmaid's guests.

12/11/58 "Greatest Chapter in U.S. History: Valley Forge 1777"
Zoning changes on Morgan Tract finally approved.

12/18/58 "Redcoats Hit Whitemarsh, Barren Hill"
Five-cent parking seen as impetus to rail-bus test.

12/23/58 "Mother Elected School Board President Again, Promises Better Year"
LaSalle to build on Brown Estate in Wyndmoor.

12/30/58 "Senator Scott to be Sworn Next Wednesday"
Roof, bedroom blaze fought for two hours.
Notes This archive is comprised of The Herald for the years 1952, 1953,1955, 1956, 1957,1958, 1959, 1960, 1961,1962. (We do not have 1954.) There are also partial photocopies from the same years with the acession numbers 2006.66.1 - .3. These were copied and made available to David Contosta and CHHS by Lloyd Wells.
Mr. Wells is a significant figure in the history of Chestnut Hill from the mid 1940s' to 1976. He founded the Hill Hardware Company (with Eli Schmidt), now the Hill Company, the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation, the Chestnut Hill Development Group, and rewrote the bylaws, creating a quasi-governmental organization with the city of Philadelphia.
Also a political activist, Mr. Wells founded the The Cymbal newspaper in competition with The Herald. The Cymbal eventually became the Local; The Herald ultimately went out of business.