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Catalog Number 1989.2.3
Object Name Newspaper
Author Various
Title The Herald
Publisher Recorder Publishing Company
Date of Publication 1955
Place of Publication Conshohocken, PA
Summary The Herald newspaper (a weekly newspaper covering Chestnut Hill and surrounding areas) from 1955. Pertinent headlines and stories listed below by date.

01/06/55 "Grace Kelly In Style Show Stevens' Alumnae Will Wear Bullitt Fashions"
M/M H. William MacDonald announce engagement of daughter, Janice Mae.
"Thomas Story Jenks Marries Miss Damaris-Velie In Florida"
"Helmetag Heads Realty Board" Ted Helmetag with offices at 8504 Germantown Ave.
01/13/55 "Grace Kelly Gien Big Ovation At Stevens School Fashion Show" Photos of her with M/M Logan Bullitt, Charles F. Diesinger, and Wendy Hood.
"Steel to Head Fund Drive" Francis F. Steel appointed chairman of Wissahickon Branch of American Red Cross 1955 Fund Drive.
"Frazier Named Chairman for Annual Drive", Benjamin West Frazier heads committee for Seventh Annual Chestnut Hill Honor.
"Henry N. Paul, Attorney, Dies Scholar Was Expert On Shakespeare" of 550 E. Gravers Lane.
01/20/55 "F.P. Streeper, Druggist, Dies", Chestnut Hill native.
01/27/55 Photo of John S. Williams receiving award as "Man of the Year in Graphic Arts", resident of 20 W. Chestnut Hill Ave.
02/03/55 "Butterworth Elected Head Of Hospital" J. Ebert Butterworth of Ardmore Ave. Also Frederick H. Levis of Waterman Ave. elected to Board of Managers.
"Louis N. Yetter Utilities Executive" of Ardleigh St. dies. "Mrs. Miller To Direct Fair", Mrs. Walter P. Miller, Jr., of Winston Road named Chairman. Also serving Mrs. Edward Starr of Waverly Road, and Mrs. Wilmot G. Pierce, Jr., VIce Chairman. "Woodward Heads Nominating Group", George Woodward named Chairman of Nominating Committee of the Chestnut Hill Community Assoc.
02/10/55 "All Saints' Hospital Benefit Fashion Show, Card Party Today", Mrs. Sidney B. Dexter of Gravers Lane Chairman. Models include Mesdames Walter West, Jr., Herbert Calves, Frederick W. Peck, J. Albury Fleitas, Charles Borda, Jr., and Miss Edith Nalle. Committee members are Mesdames Arthur B. Roberts, J.L.Conarroe, William Draper Lewis, Jr., Gordon M. Chambers, T.M. Merrweather, William F. McCarter, James S. Merritt, Gordon Crouter, F. Stokes Coleman, Paul Coste, Joseph Darling, Courtland VanDyke Hubbard, Alfred R. Hunter, G. Walker Ketcham, Benjamin R. Sackett, Edgar Sheppard, Henry Schimf, Beaumont Whitney, Thomas W. Wistar, Jr. and Miss Mary Graham.
02/17/55 "Chestnut Hill Award For 1954 Presented J. Pennington Straus." "New York Company Is Named as Buyer of the Morgan Tract"."F.L. Patterson, Printer, Dies" "Lady Fisher Dies in England Baron's Wife was Former Jane Morgan."
02/24/55 Arthur E. Newbold, 3rd, new Chairman of the Chestnut Hill Community Association, "New Chairman Is Ready To Hold the Leash on 'Community Watchdog' ".
03/03/55 Mrs. Samuel B. Irwin, Chairman of the Chestnut Hill district for Red Cross Fund Drive.
"New Director At Springside Mrs, William Leonard Davis to Head Middle School."
03/10/55 "Longstreth Is Choice of GOP Assembly Chestnut Hill Man May Run FOr Mayor." "V.D. Northrop Is Appointed City Director." Vernon D. Northrop of Wheelpump Lane has been Finance Director."Area Women Aid With Flower Show.", They are Mesdames Harry C. Groome, Jr., Philip Price, Beaumont Whitney , 3rd, Minturn T. Wright, Jr. James L. Holton of Crefeld St. honored at engagement party.
03/17/55 "Second Chestnut Hill Resident Enters Contest for Mayor George P. Williams, 3rd Backed by Meehan and Hamilton Faction."
03/24/55 "Chestnut Hill FLower Show", Mrs. Russell Medinger, Chairman, H. William MacDonald & Logan Bullitt, 3rd, co-coordinators.
03/31/55 "Morgan Tract Plans; 12 8-Story Apartments, Gigantic Retail Area"J. Pennington Straus, chairman of the Community Association's Morgan tract committee." Mrs. Caleb F. Fox, 3rd, chairman of the committee on gardens for Chestnut Hill Flower Show , " Mrs. Elizabeth D. Medinger, chairman of the flower show committee announced that George D. Widener and V.A. Lea will enter exhitits..."
04/14/55 "Area Homes To Be Visited On Tour" include Mrs. Robert R. Meigs 8410 St. Martin's La,
Mrs. John Wintersteen 8440 St. Martin's La, Mrs. Thomas B. Gates St Martin's & Gravers Lanes.
Weddings: Audrey Frazier, daughter of M/M B. Graeme Frazier, Mary Beal, daughter of Mrs. Joseph W. Darling.
04/21/55 Photo: "There's No Business LIke 'Monkey Business' agree Mrs. Wheeler Lord, Jr., Mrs. Theodore V. Wood and Mrs. B. Rowland Achenbach." on occasion of APril 9 benefit party for Chestnut Hill Hospital.
04/28/55 "Morgan Tract Endorsement Is Withheld" Anne Lucille Marsh, Daughter of Mrs Margaret Stockman Marsh, engaged.
05/05/55 "One-Way Traffice Recommended for E. Evergreen Ave." "Chestnut Hill" news. 15th Annual Exhibition at Woodmere hosted by Mesdames A. Robert Bast, J. Linerd Conarroe, Joseph T. Frazier, Jr., John S. Haug, Alfred R. Hunter, George Lear, Frederick Lewis, Hugh D. Scott, Charles K. Smith, Lloyd Van Sciver, John H. Wolf, Miss Edith Emerson. Enagements: Jane Manser Wagner, daughter of Mrs. Alvin J. Wagner, Mildred Oliver Eckfeldt, daughter of M/M Theodore E. Eckfeldt. Mrs. John Wintersteen elected to board of directors of American Academy of Music.
05/12/55 Anne Schwartz Carpenter, daughter of M/M Joseph Griswold Carpenter married.
06/10/55 "24 Graduated At Springside Emily Churchman Wins High Honors"
06/23/55 Photo: Miss Anne Foster, daughter of M/M George Milton Brodhead of 228 W. Willow Grove Ave., debut at Philadelphia Cricket Club.
06/30/55 Photo of bride, Mrs. Jesse E. Christman, nee Rebecca Meek, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Theodore C. Meek of 33 E. Mt Pleasant Ave.
07/07/55 "Bryn Mawr Group Elect" Mrs. J. Ebert Butterworth of Ardmore Ave. president of Alumnae Association, announces new members.
07/21/55 "Morgan Tract Changes Offered If No Cut Is made in Shoping Area" reports J. Pennington Straus.
07/04/55 "Chestnut Hill Wyndmoor" Travelers include Ann Heberton McManus, Edith T. Nalle, The Alfred C. Bories, Mrs. Samuel R. Shipley, daughter Ann and son Chris.
07/11/55 "Chestnut Hillyndmoor" The Savoy Opera Company performs. James P. MacCain, president, in cast are Elaine Swope, Marny Jennings, Johnny WIlliams, Sue Hesser, Peggy larned, H. Mather Lippincott, Jr. whose father, H. Mather Lippincott was in first show and president fifty years earlier. Travelers include Mrs. Sutro Heberton, John Nevin Schaeffer, "j.B." Carnett, 3rd, Nonnie Otter. "Landmarks of History", article about Krisheim Memorial, Water Tower Memorial, World War I Memorial on Winston Road.
08/04/55 "Long-Range Expansion Program Launched by Chestnut Hill Hospital"
09/01/55 "Chestnut Hill Wyndmoor" Fernanda and Donald Leas entertain at home in the Hamptons. Travelers include 09/08/55 Photo "Fair Contest Judges" are Lysbeth Boyd Borie (Mrs. Peter) and Mary Fanning Wickham (Mrs. James Bond). "Dorothy Bullitt To Double Size of Local Store", Photo "Politics..." pictures M/M W. Thacher Longstreth with the RIchard Nixons and U.S. Senator James H. Duff.
"Chestnut Hill Wyndmoor" Travelers include M/M J. Berton Carnett, Misses Sydney Purviance and Virginia Pepper. Debs are Patricia H. Lawson and Natalie A. Zvenintzov. Susan Richardson to wed.
09/15/55 "Ice- Skating Rink To COst $350,000; Contract Awarded" "Bridge Project Dropped from 6 Yr,. Program (bridge over Wissahickon Valley.) Photo of M/M Alexander Hemphill of E. Evergreen Ave.
09/22/55 Photo "Art For Hospital's Sake" . Art Show to be held at "The Squirrels" home of M/M Charles I. Thompson on Towanda Street. Pictured are Mesdames W.H. Noble, Jr., Henry Watts, and Mrs. Thompson. "Chestnut Hill Wyndmoor" Mrs. Walter F. Hager gives birthday party for Mr. Hager. William Wynne Wister, 3rd born to M/M William Wynne Wister Jr. M/M Paul Willits Brown host party. Miss Mary Eldridge Stiles to be married to Henry Peter Borie, Jr. Parties include one for bridemaids given by Mrs. Stephen Pearson at home of her mother, Mrs. Arthur E. Newbold, and one given by John S. Biddle and Minturn T. Wright, 3rd. Penn freshmen include Ann Shipley, daughter of Mrs. Thaeto Shipley, Sara Seeley, daughter of M/M Atherton Seeley. M/M James E. Gowen return home. "W.H. Gardiner Buried Yesterday"
09/29/55 Photo "Ice Marks the Spot" Ground breaking pictures John Fearey, President of Skating Club, and Stephen Austin, Henry T. Reath and daughter, Robin.
10/20/55 "$1,000,000 Drive For Springside School, Chestnut Hill Academy". Richard K. Stevens, general campaign chairman.. Committee members, Mrs. Sidney L.W. Lea, J. Pennington Stauss, Mrs. Steward Baldwin, Joseph P. Sims, Jr., Horace D. Nalle, D. Alexander Wieland, Frederic L. Ballard.
10/27/55 Photo, "Mr and Mrs. John Marbacher Walton, 3rd, leave St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church after their marriage Oct. 15. Bride is the former Miss Cornelia Parsly, duaghter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fuller Parsly, of 7711 St. Martins Lane."
11/03/55 "Logan Bullitt named Head of Chestnut Hill Development Group", succeeds Lloyd P. Wells. Pictured with Edward F.R. Wood, Jr., secretary of Chestnut Hill Parking Lot Co., and Mrs. Edmund B. Gilchrist, executive secretary of Development Group. "Reception at Woodmere Ushers in 16th Year" "Couple Motoring in Virginia After Vows in Chestnut Hill", marriage of Miss Irene Clark Zesinger, daughter of Mrs. Frank O. Zesinger takes place at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church.
12/15/55 "$316,500 in Ford Grants For 5 Area Institutions", included are Chestnut Hill College, All Saints College, Chestnut Hill Hospital, Florence Crittenton Home.
12/29/55 "Chestnut Hill Resident Is NSCCA Executive" Mrs. James M. Skinner, Jr. of 116 W. Mermaid Lane named to executive committee of National Society for Crippled Children and Adults.
Notes This archive is comprised of The Herald for the years 1952, 1953,1955, 1956, 1957,1958, 1960, 1961,1962. (We do not have 1954 or 1959.) There are also partial photocopies from the same years with the acession numbers 2006.66.1 - .3. These were copied and made available to David Contosta and CHHS by Lloyd Wells.
Mr. Wells is a significant figure in the history of Chestnut Hill from the mid 1940s' to 1976. He founded the Hill Hardware Company (with Eli Schmidt), now the Hill Company, the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation, the Chestnut Hill Development Group, and rewrote the bylaws, creating a quasi-governmental organization with the city of Philadelphia.
Also a political activist, Mr. Wells founded the The Cymbal newspaper in competition with The Herald. The Cymbal eventually became the Local; The Herald ultimately went out of business.