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Catalog Number 1982.1.1
Object Name Book
Author Hotchkin, S. F., Rev.
Title Ancient and Modern Germantown, Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill
Publisher P.W. Zeigler
Date of Publication 1889
Place of Publication Philadelphia
Summary Text includes anecdotal history of places, buildings, persons and organizations, and includes the following topics, with associated page numbers:

Abbott, Redmond443
Academy of St. Joseph379
Adams Express Company437
Aertsen, James M.81
African American
Billy Brown252
Black boy's tuition at Concord School
Cl[a]ymer, Robert178
"Colored servants" at the Eldon510
Copper Ike 102
Davis, Daniel405
Douglas(s), Jonathan320, 324
Douglas(s), Lucy324
Douglass, John, shoemaker163
Redeemed Negro slave baptized448
Agnew, General James 41, 142, 200
Agricultural College, Mount Airy390
Alcott, A. Bronson82, 267
Alcott, Louisa May82
Allen, Chief Justice 349, 364, 386
Allen, Frank Alcott443
Allen, Frank O.480
Allen, Margaret Hamilton364
Almy, Henry N.470
America, Pastorius ship262
American Philosophical Society121
Amy, John242
Andrew, Mary401
Andrew, Rev. Dr. John310
Andrews, John310
"Anglecot"472, 484
Anti slavery testimony62
Antieg, Catharine408
Architecture, German245
Ardman, Andrew411
Ardman, Martin411
Ardman, Mr. 410
Arets, Lenart10
Armat, Thomas20, 80, 82
Armor, Alexander106
Arrott, William444
Meng, John313, 315
Raser, J. Heyl282
Stuart, Gilbert299
Artman, Andrew409
Ashead family72
Ashmead, M. P.94
Ashmead, Capt. John302
Ashmead, James85
Ashmead, John125, 248
Ashmead, Samuel302
Ashmead, William65
Asylum (for mentally ill)330
Audenried, William G.471
Augustinian Fathers of Chestnut Hill379
Austin, Samuel H. Esq,437
Lippard, George321
Ax, Frederick232
Axe, Freddy82
Axe, Frederick159
Axe, John Frederick170
Ayers, G. Ralston536
Bacon, Miss J. H.238
Baily, Mr.470
Baird, Mr. Loper471
Baisch, see Bische
Baisch, Joseph231
Baker, Joseph480
Baker, Rev. John C.286
Baker, Rev. Peter306
Baldusky, Count79
Baldwin Locomotive Works235, 535
Baldwin, Matthias W.98, 534
Bank of America411
Bank of Germantown101, 275
Bank of Germantown, National337
Baptisms in pond/ Mermaid Inn393
Bardsley, John238
Barlow, Joel268
Barndt, H.408
Barr, George319
Barr, Jesse106
Barrel making (coopering)414
Barren Hill 501, 511, 526
Barron, Commodore James57
Bartram, John177
Bates and Yeakel store418
Bates, Mrs. Thomas431
Battle of Germantown192
Bauer, Elenora468
Bauer, Jacob468
Baumann, Anna Dorothea315
Bayard house255
Baynton, Squire Peter58
Beauregard, Gen.366
Bechtel, John89
Bechtel, Peter363
Bechtel, Rev. John450
Becker, Hilarius75, 299
Becker, Peter478
Beehive 256, 258, 263
Beggarstown 85, 286, 305
Bell, J. Lowrie495
Bell, John B.470
Bell, Samuel W.470
Benezet, Anthony93
Benezet, John Stephen230
Bensell, Charles101
Bensell, Dr. George75, 79, 134
Bensell, George102
Bensell's Lane [School House Lane]125
Bensell's meadow97
Benson, Edwin N. 446, 468, 509
Benson, Gustavus A.471
Benson, Harriet 406, 430, 449, 464
Benson's mansion468
Bentz, Jacob and John242
Bessau, George432
Bethesda Children's Christian Home433
Bethesda Home444
Bethesda Orphan Home436
Betton, Samuel184
Betton, Thomas Forrest54,184
Bickel, Rev. H.M.407
Bickert, Adam361
Biddle, Alexander451, 468
Biddle, Colonel Alexander438
Biddle, Miss Anna E.438
Billmeyer family284
Billmeyer, Michael 285, 310, 326
Billmeyer, Sophia285
Binel, Louis Rene61
Binney, Charles S., Esq.387
Bische, Granny79
Blacksmith 301, 310, 412, 491
Blair house304
Blair, Rev. Dr.185, 231
Bleikers, Johannes10
Blight family296
Blummer, Mr.471
Boarding house/the Eldon509
Bockius houses325
Bockius, Charles224
Bockius, Edmund387
Bockius, Francis387
Bockius, Jacob361
Bockius, John M.387
Bodine, Mr.431
Bohien, Miss409
Bohlen, John 469, 487, 508
Bohlen, William401
Boisbrun house125
Bolling, Dr, Robert444
Bolter family498
Bonsall, Edward97, 360
Book, John79
Book, Louisa79
Booth, Mrs. Henrietta C.445,495
Borda, Eugene471
Borough of Germantown incorporated93
Bostwick, Charlotte386
Bostwick, Mrs.353
Boudinot, Mrs. Elias495
Bower, Adaline Coleman476
Bradbury, Samuel223
Bradford, William118
Brainerd, Dr. T. C.444
Breese, Mrs. Admiral353
Breish, Adam361
Brewery, Haines248
Bringhurst carriage builders41
Bringhurst family72
Bringhurst, Clement97
Bringhurst, Samuel302
Brittain, William252
Broadhead, Rev. G.M.359
Brockie, William471
Brosius, Rev. Francis Xavier366
Brown, Horace452
Brown, Miss Ellen R.447
Brown, Moses129
Brown, William H.378
Bruner, H.B.141
Buckley, E. S.488
Buckman, T. L.432
Bucknell family439
Bucknell, William, Esq.440
Bullitt, John C.379
Bullock, Joseph243
Burnaby, Rev. Andrew305
Butcher, Samuel81, 432
Butcher, William N.83
Butler, Edgar H.141,343
Butler, Edgar H. [son]141
Button, Conyers232
Button, John122, 232
Button, Priestly232
"Caernarvon"302, 322
Calico print mill/ Wissahickon510
Campbell, St. George Tucker439
Carlisle, Earl of309
Carlton estate220
Carpenter, Conrad141,292
Carpenter, George W. 141, 292, 331, 536
Carpenter, Letitia34
Carpenter, Samuel120
Carpentry shop317
Carr, Joseph363
Friends Burying Ground62
Greene Street168
Haines and Limekiln310
Haines near Stenton310
Lower burying ground 11, 33, 102,
113, 240
Moravian Burying Ground135
Old Free Burying Ground407
Old Yeakle graveyard467
Potter's Field168
Upper Burying ground11, 170, 241
Chandler, T. P. 467, 470, 49
Channon, John C.135
Chapman, Mr.497
Chapman, Richard430
Chapron, Madame371
Chestnut Hill geology399
Chestnut Hill Hotel408
Chestnut Hill introduction399
Chestnut Hill Water Company377
Cheston, Dr.411
Chew family193
Chew house/Cliveden well281
Chew, Ann Sophia Penn194
Chew, Benjamin239
Childs, Cephas G.470
Childs, Col. Cephas G.487
Christian Association427
Christian Hall Library427,436
Church, Mr.361
Church, W. A.495
C.H. Presbyterian417,426
Calvary Episcopal276
Calvary, Germantown425
CH Baptist433
CH Methodist Episcopal428
Christ Church163
Christ Evangelical Lutheran407
Cold Point Baptist524
Episcopal Church of St.John the Baptist37
First Baptist136
First Presbyterian 89, 114, 138, 185,
189, 319, 450
German Reformed in Germantown447,448
Grace Episcopal387
Haines Street Methodist142,359
Market Square Presbyterian80, 85, 251,
340, 410
Mennonite Church307
Methodist, C.H.378, 498
Mt. Airy Presbyterian356
Mt. Pleasant Avenue M.E. Church358
Mt. St. Joseph's Convent496
New Grace Church building355
Our Mother of Consolation455, 488
Plymouth Friends Meeting524
Schwenkfelders 431, 478, 479
Second Baptist136, 218
Springfield Presbyterian523
St. Luke's 245, 343, 389
St. Luke's Episcopal11,79,80
St. Martin in the Fields401,424
St. Michael's [mission of St. Luke's]152
St. Michael's Lutheran 286, 291, 326
St. Michael's Lutheran parsonage291
St. Paul's Episcopal 445, 488, 492
St. Peter's Episcopal160,237
St. Peter's Germantown425
St. Peter's Lutheran, Barren Hill502, 505
St. Stephen's Methodist12,359
St. Stephen's Methodist Episcopal41
St. Thomas Episcopal520
St. Vincent de Paul136
Third Baptist136
Trinity Lutheran 11,292
Union Chapel 407, 410, 426. 428, 434
Union Church, Flourtown523
United Brethren387
Wakefield Presbyterian30
Zion Evangelical117
Churchill Hall528
Civil War
Cuyler Army Hospital538
Owen, Col. Joshua T.492
Women's work at Cuyler538
Clapier, Louis19
Clayton, Mrs. John437
Clement, Miss436
Clements, Miss Anna M.433
Cliveden/Chew house123, 192, 309
Clover seed406
Germantown Council, Sons and
Daughters of America334
Free Masons 415
Knights of Pythias334
Mitchell Lodge332
Philomathean Lodge of Odd Fellows334
Reliance Council333
Walker Lodge337
Coal yard412
Coit, Mr.443,445
Colesberry, Mr.508
Colhoun, James495
Colladay, Mary Magdaline316
Collins, A. M.492
Collins, Frederick445
Columbus Female Benevolent Society69
Comegys, Miss488
Comly, Franklin A.520
Congress Fire Company415
Constant, Benjamin Condon364
Consumptives Home439
Convent of St. Joseph379,456
Conway, Mrs.444
Conyngham, Redmond58
Cooms farm448
Coopering trade431
Cope and Stewardson470
Cope, Caleb 378, 417,483
Cope, Levi433
Cope, Marmaduke78
Cope, Thomas B.359
Cope's Grotto417
Copper Ike102
Cottage architecture Wayne Avenue
and Walnut Lane 471
Cottage Row78
Coulston, Joseph33
Coulter, John126,223,
Council of the Delaware Indians456
Council Rock457
Cowperthwaite, J. B.438
Coxe, Edward T.472
Creighton, Miss Fannie137
Crenshaw, Nathaniel E.471
Cresheim Creek362
Cress family410
Cress, Daniel414
Cress, George414
Cress, Hamilton415
Cress, Henry414
Cress, Jacob414
Crout, William327
Currier, J. S., police officer480
Cushman, Charlotte188
Custis, George Washington Parke70
Custis, Nelly70
Dallett, Maurice470
Dam/ Lake Surprise401
Danenhower, Lt.76
Dannaker, Christian412
Darrach, Dr. James538,342
Darrach, Dr. W.342
Darragh, Father James455
David, Mr.472
Davis, Benjamin102
De Benneville family33
De Benneville, Dr. George248
De la Plaine, James95
De Morainville, Captain Biand136
Dedier, John33
Democratic party401
Derr family354
Derr, Jacob353
Deshler, Ann Eliza Sinks69
Deshler, David66
Deshler-Morris House66
Detweiler, John114
Detweiler, Mrs.114
Detwiler family409
Detwiler, Elizabeth413
Detwiler, Frederick408
Detwiler, John406
Devonshire Place296
DeWahle, Mr.387
Dewees, William120
Dolbey, William249
Donaldson, Miss Molly76
Donaldson, Sally76
Donat, Christian410
Donat, Justus487
Dotterer, Rev. A. F.359,429
Dougherty, Betsy126
Douglas, Susan94
Dove, David James75,134
Dripps, Rev. Dr. J. F.114
Drug stores432
Druim Moir422
DuBois, G.T.417
Duffey, Lieut. Patrick181
Dugan, Mrs. Mary240
Dulles, Joseph B.451
Dungan, Charles M.359
Dungan, Daniel235
Dungan, Mrs. 97
Dungan, Mrs. Charles M.359
Dunn, Charles B.491
Dunn, Mrs.388
Dunton, Dr.155
Dupuy, Rev. Charles81
Duval, James S.184
Duy's Lane [Wister St.]79
Dwight, Mrs. E. P.497
Dyer, Rev. Dr. Heman469
Earle, Mr.488
Earp, Thomas378
Earp, Thomas Jr.495
Eberle (Eberly), Charles331
Edleman, Sarah411
Edward T. Steel130
Edwards, Rev. R.A.355
Ellen Butler Memorial343
Ellis, Harvey471
Ellison, John137
"Emlen's Folly"417
Endt (Ent), William303
Endt's house50
Engard's Confectionery [formerly Harkinson's]142
Engle, Benjamin142
Engle, Elizabeth142
English, Chancellor C.461
Errickson, Miss362
Eshamann, Fridrik468
Eshbauch, Mr.408
Evans, Dr. Horace Y.123,444
Evans, Thomas W.301
"Evergreens". 472,477
Ewing, Benjamin432
Express business331
Eyre, Wilson447
Fallon family320,327
Farmar family521,525
Faust, Mrs. Sarah412
Faust, Peter412
Fellowship Fire Company126
Field, Mrs.401
Fire companies312
Fire dept. sub station414
Fire engine329
First settlers10
Fishell, Mrs.310
Fisher, Joshua34
Fisher, William Logan34,77
Fisher, Thomas34
Fleckenstein family53
Fleming, Lt. Frederick351
Floyd, Jacob137
Ford, James224
Forrest, Captain Thomas180
Forrest, Col. Thomas254
Fraley, Henry251,317
Fraley, Rittenhouse317
France, J. and E.363
Franklin Fire Company331
Franklin School321,535
Franklin Street331
Franklin, Benjamin252
Franks, Col. Isaac66
Freas, Henry231,240
Freas, Major404
Freas, Philip R.38,317
Frederick, Rev. G.W.407
Free Masons415
Freihoffer, Ulrich79
French West Indies247
Friends Home for Children343
Friends Meeting House62
Fry store94
Fry, Jacob97
Fry, William K.106
Fryhoffer, W.248
Fulling Mill127
Furness and Evans, Mssrs.440
Galloway, Joseph463
Gardens, vegetable260
Garrett, Thomas353
Gazzan, Joseph M.471
German agriculture314
German and English in church117
German architecture240
German character253,265
German culture267
German settlers259,305
Germantown early settlement10, 20
Germantown Blues 79,94, 303, 351
Germantown Council, Sons and Daughters of America334
Germantown descript. 311, 312, 313, 321, 324
Germantown Dispensary (Hospital)342
Germantown Electric Light Company345
Germantown Flower Mission344
Germantown Horticultural Society343
Germantown Lane (Knight's Lane)330
Germantown Library Association341
Germantown Orchestral Society345
Germantown Relief Society345
Germantown seals94
Germantown statistics295
Germantown Telegraph38,237
Germantown wagons65
Gilbert, Anthony76
Gilbert, Clementina Murray404
Gilbert, Dedimia404
Gilbert, Dr. F,C.404
Gilbert, Isaac434
Gilbert, Israel404
Gilbert, Jonathan H.404,434
Gilbert, Maria A.404
Gipsy Lane127
Glen Fern395
Godfrey, Thomas82
Godfrey, Thomas Jr. (poet)313
Godtschalk, Rev. Jacob307
Goeser, Andrew411
Gold, Anna408
Gold, James L.408
Goodman, Samuel480
Goodwin. Mrs.410
Gorgas family 255, 322, 360, 362
Gorgas, Charles, Postmaster of Mt. Airy 362
Gorgas, Julia, Postmistress of Mt. Airy 362
Gorgas, Samuel362
Gowen Esq., Franklin B.360
Gowen family388
Gowen, F. B. Esq.495
Gowen, Francis B.388
Gowen, Francis I.387
Gowen, Franklin B. 355, 361, 362, 388
Gowen, James 362, 364 388
Gravel Run Creek514
Graver, Andrew408,412
Graver, John412
Graver, Samuel361
Green, Jacob97
Green, John265
Green, Joseph97,301
Greland, Madame29
Grist Mills127
Grocery store317
Grove, Mr.472
Groves, Jr., Anthony406,407
Guyer family388
Guyer, Jacob432
Guyer's cigar shop318
Haas, David412
Haas, Matthias 409, 412, 414
Haas, Miss M.432
Hacker, Isaiah234,241
Hacker, Jeremiah241
Hacker, William241
Haines, Henry238
Haines, Mrs. John S.238
Haines, Reuben 167, 238, 246
Hale, Rev. Edward355
Hallman, Henry406
Hampden Place409
Hancock, C. G.495
Harchey, John113
Harchey, Mrs.113
Harding, W. W.438
Hare, Bishop William Hobart446, 495
Harness store387
Harris, Rev. J. Andrews446
Harrison, Alfred C.480
Harrison, Charles C.127
Harrison, Mr.497
Hart, Norman L.437
Hartman, John387
Hartwell, Hiram401,408
Harvey, Mr.471
Harvey, Samuel 138, 142, 321, 329
Hawes, Jacob428
Hawes, William428
Hayes, David402
Heebner, Charles415,437
Heebner, Miss Julia437
Heebner, Mr.407
Heebner, Samuel Y.408,480
Heft, Caspar57, 231, 302
Heft, George57
Heilig, Daniel350
Hendel, Peter452
Henderson, William471
Hendricks, Gerhard77
Hendricks, Lawrence253
Henry, Mayor30,128
Henry, Mrs. Pauline79
Hergesheimer, Christopher231
Hesser, Enos F.359
Hesser, George255
Hesser, Madeline242
Hesser, Mrs.359
Hewitt, G.W. and W.D. 403, 423, 451
Hey, David363
Heydrick family 432, 433, 468
Heydrick, Dr.415
Heydrick, Dr. Christopher432
Heydrick, William H. H.514
Hickory tree236
High Bridge Mansion [Robeson mansion] 126
Hildeburn, John M.430
Hildeburn, Mr.497
Hill, George W.401
Hill, Joseph362
Hill, Milton362
Hill, Mrs. Hannah263
Hill, Rev.Simeon C.355,386
Hines, Daniel240
Hinkle family409, 415
Hinkle, David363
Hinkle, Jesse363
Hiram Lodge415
Hirzel, Rev. C.J.407
Hitner, David O.524
Hobensack, John406,413
Hocker, George242
Hodge, Mr. J. S.508
Hoffman, Mr. 361
Hog killing95
Hogermoed, Adam97
Hogermoed, John Adam265
Hogermoed, Matthias Adam142
Hollingsworth, Samuel480
Honey Run234
Hong Farm331
Hood, William33
Horn, Rev. E.T.407
Hortter estate331
Hosiery business123
Hospital, Germantown79
Hottenstein, Isaac360
Hottenstein, Jacob360
Hottenstein, Mary360
Hottenstein, William360
Houpt, Mr.451
Houston, H. H.119, 362, 401, 408, 412, 414, 416, 422, 458, 471, 480, 497, 498
Houston, H. H.'s deer park, greenhouses,roses480
Houston, William P.471
Howe, William, Sir (Gen.)66,213, 250
Howell, Arthur508
Howell, Joseph469
Hubbard, Mrs. Mary J.69
Huckle, S.536
Humphrey, J. Y.495
Huston, Captain351
Huston, John410,435
Ifil, Matthias240
Indian artifacts456
Indian burial mound457
Indian names266
Indian Queen Lane61
Indian relics285
Indian Rock 456, 461, 496
Indian Rock Hotel496
Indians 94, 246, 257, 258, 307, 330, 332
Ingersoll, Mr. and Mrs. Harry440
Barbara Roop's436
Breish's Tavern361
Buck Hotel242
Buck Tavern238
Chestnut Hill Hotel408
Donat's Hotel 410, 411, 414, 432
Eagle Hotel (Cress's)410,415
Farmers and Drovers Hotel350
Fountain141, 303
Golden Swan362
Gold's (Gravers Tavern) 411, 413, 415
Green Tree Tavern155
Indian Queen105
Indian Rock Hotel457
King of Prussia105
Mermaid 377, 393, 404
Mount Pleasant360
Mrs. Uhler's boarding house410
Park House401,433
Washington Tavern240
Wheel Pump491,514
White Swan374
Irwin, Rev. Samuel429
Italian laborers223
Jackel, Christopher and Maria468
Jacoby family412
Jacoby, Dr.410
Jacoby, Dr. Edward411
Jacoby, Wickard409
James, E.G.356
Janney, S. M.480
Janney, Spencer437
Jansen, Dirck149
Jarrat, Mr.411
Jenks, John488
Jennings, Catharine408
Jennings, John408
Jewish Orphan Asylum79
Johnson family238,323
Johnson Homestead [SW corner Germantown Avenue and Washington Lane]164
Johnson, Anthony 212, 231 246, 321, 351
Johnson, Ellwood165,362
Johnson, Hannah436
Johnson, John 239, 255,356, 463, 498
Johnson, Joshua R.329
Johnson, Justus320,322
Johnson, Klincken374
Johnson, M.D, William N.173
Johnson, Miss A. M.238
Johnson, Richard180
Johnson, Samuel329
Johnson's Hall, Franklinville415
Johnstone family412
Johnstone, Mr.410
Johnstone, W.H.409
Jones, James79
Jones, Thomas122
Jordan, John W.123
Jordan, Orfa83
Jordan, William Henry415
Jungkurth, Christopher317
Jungurth house219
Junkin Esq., George185
Junkin, Rev. Dr. George185
Justina, Wister servant41
Kalm, Peter38,307
Keifer house219
Keller, Rev. Benjamin286
Kelly's dam237
Kelly's farm266
Kelpius, Johannes263,352
Kelsey, Mr.439
Kemble, Brother S.T.429
Kemper, Rev. Jackson80
Keppel, Adam244
Kerper family409,413
Kerper property517
Kerper, A. B.413
Kerper, Daniel 407, 408, 413
Kerper, Henry410
Kerper, Jacob409
Kerper, Julius408
Ketz, Jacob362
Ketz, Misses362
Keurlis, Peter10
Keyser and Gorgas lumber business362
Keyser family275,361
Keyser, Abraham79,94
Keyser, Charles435
Keyser, Charles S.403
Keyser, Daniel L.276
Keyser, Dirck224
Keyser, Dirk268, 272
Keyser, Jacob180
Keyser, Jacob275
Keyser, Rev. Peter 362
Keyser, Rev. Peter, Jr.224, 237
Keyser, Samuel 275, 329,370
Keyser, William224
Kimball, J.129
Kin, Mathias109
King George III259
Kirk, Rev. J. W.357
Kite, Joseph235
Kite, William65
Kittiner family411
Kittson, Commodore517
Klincken, Arent299
Kline, Mr.408
Klinken family323
Klinken, Arent320
Kneedler, Jesse430
Kneedler, Mr.497
Knights of Pythias334,415
Knorr, George248
Knorr, John224,244
Koons, Mr.405
Krickbaum, Hilary235
Krider, J.378
Kulp, Abraham329
Kunders, Tones10,38
Lackin, Isaac219
Ladies Boarding School224
LaFayette20, 195, 255
Lafayette College185
Lafayette, General149,184
Lake Surprise401
Lambdin, Dr. A.C.342
Lammat, Daniel80
Landis, Henry D.445
"Lang Syne"293
Langstroth, Benjamin L.319
Langstroth, James F.318
Langstroth, Piscator318
Lee, Capt. Robert33
Lee, Mary220
Lee, Thomas220
Leedom, Benjamin J.293
Leedom. Dr. J.M.342
Leeds, Lincoln E.496
Lehman, Benjamin 106, 247,302
Lehman, Christian12, 65, 105
Lehman, William141,302
Lehmann, Eliza319
Lehman's lumber yard296
Leibert family350
Leibert, John188, 232 352
Leibert, Peter285
Leibert's boardyard351
Lenni Lenape457
Lensen, John10
Lentz family 410, 412, 418
Lentz, Henry S.434
Leopold, Rev. S.T.117
Levering, Joseph S.130
Levick, Mrs. Richard437
Levick, Richard438
Lewis, Lawrence443
Liebert, Peter326
Light, John412
Lightcap family361
Lippard, George280
Littell family322
Littell, John S.144
Littell, John S.322
Littell, Susan322
Little Sisters of the Poor79
Littlefield, Mr.470
Littleton, William E., Esq.487
Livesey family395
Livesey, John463
Livesey, John (importer)395
Livesey, John and Joseph463
Livesey, Thomas395,463
Livesey, Thomas (poem)464
Livesey, Thomas (wine-making)463
Lloyd, Thomas263
Log cabin431
Log cabin house404
Log house265
Logan, Albanus C.29
Logan, Deborah21,254
Logan, George, Dr.28
Logan, Hannah302
Logan, James 21, 82, 263, 302
Logan, Sarah34
Logan, William28
Longstreth, Judge456
Lorain, John Sr.96
Lorain, Misses78
Lorimer, James356
Lot owners (east side)149
Lot owners (west side)152
Love, S. Arthur470
Lovett Free Library386
Lovett, Thomas R. 387
Lowber, Dr. Edward330
Lucken, Jan10
Lucken, Mary282
Ludwick, Christopher326
Ludwig, Catharine288
Ludwig, Christopher288
Lunn, John357
Lutheran Orphanage and Asylum for the Aged and Infirm351,374
Lyceum, American Classical and Military364
Macfarlane, John J.427
MacGoffin, John433
MacGoffin's Meeting House434
Mack, Elizabeth227
Mack, John227
Mack, Rev. Alexander 306
MacKellar, Thomas 78, 237, 288, 232
Mackie, Mr. W. C.451,456
Mackie, William C.403,425
Mackinet, Charles155
Mackinet, Sarah [Pastorius]156
Magarge, Charles535
Magnolia Villa393
Magoffin, Rev. Mr.426
Maison, John362
Malin, Dr. William414
Manheim, village of322
Manual Labor School185
Oil cloth475
Stockings 305, 314, 319
Wax bleaching318
Market house93
Market Square62,265
Marriage certificate271
Martin, Abraham128
Mason, Charles324
Mason, Christopher285
Mason, Mr.471
Mason, Rev. Joseph359
Mason, Samuel330
Masonic Hall 82, 333, 377, 407
Masonic Hall Association276
McCall, General437
McCall, Miss437
McCallum, Mr.410
McCarthur, William359
McCullagh, Robert P.283
McDonald, Joseph331
McDonald, Mr. and Mrs..361
McGuffin, Rev. Mr.410
McIntire, H.F.470
McKay, Henry495
McKoy, William294
McLean, William471
McMurtrie, R. C.488
McShane, Rev. Francis Joseph455
Meade, Gen. Georgr66
Mechlin house30
Meehan, Thomas 109, 331 343
Meehan's Nursery331
Megargee, Charles230
Mehl, William30
Mehl's Meadow78
Meng family315
Meng, John Christopher109,315
Meng, John Melchior110, 315
Meng, Melchior12
Middleton mansion456
Middleton, Joseph456,458
Mifflin, Lloyd78
Milan, Matthias498
Millan, Hans149
Miller and Yates nusery361
Miller Colonel George30
Miller homestead390
Miller store94
Miller, Adam411
Miller, Catharine A.411
Miller, Jacob250
Miller, John251,360
Miller, Joseph361,390
Miller, Kitty409
Miller, Mary389
Miller, Miss387
Miller, Sebastian364,389
Miller, Wickard 404, 409,412
Miller, William510
Bechtel's paper 362
Carr cotton lap factories471
Cotton laps363
Cotton spinning362
Grist, fulling, oil, paper463
Hinkle's grist402
Joseph Gorgas tanner362
Patterson's flour363
Megargee's paper402
Rittenhouse Paper118
Roberts 82, 237, 312
Robeson's flour174
Silas Cleaver's526
Spinning woollen yarn363
Steam gristmill83
Thomas's grist402
Woollen spinning362
Mitchell Lodge332
Mitchell, Mr.469
Mitchener, John H.480
Moffly, John W.471
Moorhead, Mrs. Caroline451
Moravian Synod122
Moriarty, Rev. Dr.455
Morris, Ann Willing143
Morris, Elizabeth Carrington144
Morris, Elliston Perot303
Morris, George C. Esq.452
Morris, Luke143
Morris, Margaretta H.144
Morris, Mrs.452
Morris, Mrs. Rachel445
Morris-Littell house141
Morton, Robert P.78
Moss, Dr.378,430
Mount Airy College 351, 361, 363
Mount Airy description349
Mount St. Joseph Academy456
Mount Stoney508
Mower Hospital444
Moyer, David301
Moyer, John106
Moyer, Mary230
Mt. Airy Boarding House360
Mt. Airy College girls school372
Mt. Airy College student/staff list371
Mt. Airy Nurseries361
Muhlenberg, Rev. Henry Melchior254, 286 449, 501
Mulberry Trees353
Murray, Mr. M.416
Mutual Fire Insurance Company339
Myers, Miss302
Mysinger, Miss324
Nace, John488
Naglee's Hill247
Native American riot41
Neal, Frank L.471
Neff, Jacob468
Neff, John R. farm507
Neglee's hill19, 37, 234
Neil, Rev. Mr.125
Neill, Rev. Dr. William187
Neilson, Gavin359
Newhall, Charles 456,462
Newhall, Thomas A.54
Newman, Melchior412,409
Newspapers, Chestnut Hill479
Newton, Rev. Dr. Richard418
Nice, Charles138
Nice, John240
Nice, Winfrid240
Nichols, Rev. D.A.434
Norris, Henry378,430
Norris, Isaac239
Norris, Mrs. Mary263
Norris, Mrs. Richard430
Norris, Richard378
North, Col. Caleb455
North, Colonel George H.452,492
North, George W.455
Northern Liberties265
Norwood Avenue508
Norwood Hall458,461
Nutz, Leonard79
Odd Fellows Hall359,374
Ogden, Hannah316
Ogden, Mrs. Hugh316
Ogden, Rev. John Cosens123
Ogelvee, J.W.471
Ogilby, Mr.141
Oil mill127
Old Shrunk247
Oliphant, Dr. 417
Oram, Misses361
Ottinger family412
Ottinger, Captain Douglas30
Ottinger, Christopher30, 98, 435
Ottinger, Elizabeth435
Overhanging Rock457
Owen, Col. Joshua T.492
Owen, Gen. Joshua T.409
Owen, Rev. Dr. Roger T. 436, 492, 409
Owens, General378
Pa. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals345
Page, Joseph F.431
Painter, Martin393
Papen house 283,312
Paper Mill Run 118, 237, 514
Park House401
Parker's Hall341
Parks, Alexander408
Pastorius family299
Pastorius poem293
Pastorius, Anna260
Pastorius, Francis Daniel256,260
Pastorius, Heinrich260
Pastorius, Samuel260
Patterson, Joseph 488
Patterson, Joseph Esq.444
Patterson, Judge C. Stuart444
Patterson, Rev. James283
Patterson's flour mill363
Paul family255
Paul, Henry C.255
Paul, Henry K. 255
Paxton boys93, 254
Paxton, Moses488
Payne, H. C.416
peach trees38
Peale, Charles Willson37
Pearson, George T.357,470 Pearson, Mr.461
Penn, William 23, 257, 259
Pennsylvania Institution for Feeble-Minded Children343
Pennsylvania Railroad416
Pennsylvania Railroad Depot site435
Pennypacker, Samuel W.258
Penrose, Mr.497
Penrose, Mrs.431
Perot family231,303
Perot, Elliston and John66
Perry, George A.535
Perry, Rev. Dr. J. De Wolf425
Perseverance Lodge415
Peters family406,410
Peters, George223
Peters, Jacob377
Peters, John411,413
Peters, Mrs., [nee Bender]223
Philadelphia City Mission440
Philomathean Hall333,337
Philomathean Lodge of Odd Fellows334
Physick, Philip Syng230
Pierce, Erasmus James353, 360
Pierce, Mrs. Frances188
Pilmore, Dr. Joseph478
Pine Place81
Piper family469
Piper, John 488
Piper, John Adam458
Piper, Miss A.488
Piper, Susan and Lydia458
Plank road234
Plants and seeds 106, 109, 110
Plaster of Paris251
Platt, Clayton443,451
Platt, William 439,443,487
Plumer, Henry B.471
Plummer, Mr.488
Policeman J.S. Currier480
Pomona Grove180
Poor House167
Poor House Lane [Rittenhouse Street]137
Post Office231
Post Office CH432
Post, Christian Frederic112
Post, Rev. Christian33
Post, Rev. Frederic307
Postmaster of Mt. Airy362
Potter family472
Potter, Charles A.484
Potter, Mrs. Caroline137
Potter, Mrs. Thomas472
Potter, Sons and Co., Thomas472
Potter, Thomas437,472
Potter, William 137,444,472,484
Potter's Field62
Poulson, Charles A.267
Powers, Thomas A.127
Prescott, Mrs.185
Preston, Mrs. Rachel263
Price, Col. John M.302
Price, Eli and Philip266
Price, Eli K., Esq.136,488
Price, J. Sargent488,508
Price, Randolph378
Price, Thomas C,443,445
Property value90
Chestnut Hill452
Hayes 402,412,445
Wayne Avenue235
Queen Street [Queen Lane]219
Quigg, Mrs.404
Rae, Mrs.469
Rahn, George401
Railroad station97
Railroad stock41
Baldwin engine295
Charles Mason memory324
Church, W. A.495
Colhoun, James495
Early recollections232
First locomotive to Germantown135
Gowen, F. B.495
Gravity from CH496
Gtn.and Norristown car names295
Hancock, C. G.495
Humphrey, J.Y.495
Mauch Chunk gravity98
McKay, Henry495
Mt. Airy station495
Philadelphia, Germantown, and Chestnut Hill416
Price Street Station135
Reading Railroad Depot438,446
Reading RR Chestnut Hill branch495
Randall, Thomas and Son363
Raser, Matthias231
Raser, Susanna390
Rawle, Francis78
Reading and Perkiomen Turnpike497
Reading, John G.471
Red Men331
Redles, George54
Reed, Judge Henry470
Reed, William B.429
Reeves, F. B.356
Reger, Dorothy142
Relf, Charles82
Reliance Council333
Reser, Baltus65,282
Revolutionary War
Agnew, Gen238,247
Ashmead, John96
Barren Hill511
Battle of Germantown 192,294,301,321
Bird, Col.247
Chew house248
Christopher Ludwig288
collecting lead96
Darrach, Lydia520
Edelman, George501
Forrest, Thomas, Col.181,184
George Washington buttons456
Gingerbread baker288
Howe, Gen.520
Huston, John435
Kerper family409
McLane, Allen511
Mennonite Church238
Militia Hill456, 518
Mount Airy involvement384
Mrs. Blair254
Powder horn247
Rev. Michael Schlatter448
Road conditions214
Robert Morton diary253
Stone house Evergreen Ave., British destroyed483
Ulmer account113
Washington, George431
Washington, George512
Washington's headquarters517
Widow Hess248
Rex family410,413
Rex, Abraham406
Rex, George V.430, 497
Rex, John407
Rex, Joseph406
Rex, Levi497
Rex, Sr., Enoch`406
Rex, Walter E.430
Rex, William406
Richards, Elizabeth301
Richards, Rev. J.M.136
Richards, Rev. W. 287
Richards, William Trost78
Richardson, Samuel293
Riter family388
Riter, George106
Riter, Kate388
Riter, Michael61,105
Rittenhouse Street118
Rittenhouse water mark120
Rittenhouse, Catharine238
Rittenhouse, David121
Rittenhouse, Garret361
Rittenhouse, Henry255
Rittenhouse, Jacob138
Rittenhouse, Matthias120
Rittenhouse, Mrs.219
Rittenhouse, Nicholas119
Rittenhouse, Susanna322
Rittenhouse, Wilhelm118
Rittenhouse, William533
Roberdeau, Isaac189
Roberdeau, Major231
Roberdeau, Mary304
Roberdeau, Susan Shippen189
Roberts, John T.356
Roberts, Spencer82
Robeson, Mary102,111
Robeson, Peter463,526
Robeson's Mill Road] [School House Lane]125
Rochefoucault, Duke313,321
Rock House77, 113, 233
Rodney, Rev. John184,275
Roe, Rosanna76
Rogers, William364
Rooker, Rev. James82
Rooker, Sarah82
Rookery, The81, 82
Roop, Barbara242,409
Roop, Cornelius409
Roop, George409
Roper, Jordan Esq.387
Rose, John141
Rose, William141
Roset, Jacques Marie54, 97
Roslyn Heights514
Roumfort, A. L.364
Roumfort, Colonel351
Royal family53
Royal, William C.331
Royer, John W.495
Rubicam family322
Rubicam, Justus322
Rubicam, Susan321
Ruff, Barbara413
Ruff, Mary413
Ruff, William413
Rumney, Rev. Dr. T.S.425
Runkle, Dr.79, 94
Runkle, Ned168
Rush, Col. Richard492,508
Rush, Dr. Benjamin290,305
Rush, Julia436
Russel, Isaac432
Russell, William267
Ryan, James412
Saddlers 360, 361, 387
Samuels, Bunford387
Sands, Ezra434
Sands, Ezra and Eleanor406
Sanford, Mr.472
Sanford, S.437
Sauer, Samuel (Sower)418
Saur almanac122
Saur, Christopher41
Saur, Christopher,son41
Savage, Edward359
Saving Fund Society of Germantown338
Schaeffer family388,407
Schaeffer, Rev. Charles W.286
Schaeffer, Rev. Dr. Frederick286
Schaeffer, Rev. W. Ashmead407
Scheetz, Gen. Henry524
Schlatter, Elizabeth449
Schlatter, Maria Henrika449
Schlatter, Rachel448
Schlatter, Rev. Michael89, 285, 405. 406, 447, 498
Schlatter, William498
Schneider/Snyder family326
Schoepf, John David111
Schoepf, Travels in the United States111
School, Rev. W. N.292
Chestnut Hill Academy409, 492
Chestnut Hill public408,492
Concord School House168
Germantown Academy
75, 113, 134, 252, 299
Germantown Infant105,238
Highland Avenue416
Infants Boarding School128
Ladies Boarding224
Manual Labor299,300
Miss Comegy's and Miss Bell's Young Ladies School 487,508
Miss Rooker106
Mount Airy College361
Mrs. Comegy's455,492
On Allen's Lane361
Parish School of Our Mother of Consolation456
Pastorius First teacher 93
Penn Charter299
Protestant Episcopal Academy299
Summit/ Bethlehem Pike416
Schugard, Henry361
Schultz farm416
Schultz house416
Schultz, John H.468
Schultz, Mrs. John435
Schultz, Rebecca416, 468
Schumacher Jr., Peter299
Schumacher, Sarah77,123
Schutzen Park223
Schwatky, Mr.387
Schwenck, Elizabeth413
Schwenek, Mr.413
Schwenk, Anna413
Scott, Charles H.471
Scott, Miss471
Scott, William H.357
Scull, Nicholas526
Seidensticker, Professor Oswald380,418
Seimens, Jan10
Sellers, Mr.240
Seminary, St. Vincent242
Seminole Hall83
Shag-Rag fire engine126
Sharpnack family283
Shepherd, Hon. Furman480
Sheridan farm433
Sheridan, Miss492
Sheridan, Owen409
Shields, Miss Mary440
Shingle, John219
Ship "Jefferies"123
Ship House223
Shippen Blair house188,219
Shippen, William57,188
Shippen, Dr. William302
Shippen, Edward57
Shippen, Joseph57
Shippen, Susanna188
Shiras, Rev. Alexander446
Shoe shop370,411 Shoemaker, Anna77
Shoemaker, Benjamin77
Shoemaker, George123
Shoemaker, Peter12
Shoemaker, Robert123
Shoemaker, William180
Shoemaker's Lane [E. Penn Street]77
Shuman, Maggie and Sarah468
Shuman, William and Barbara468
Shuster, Charles324
Silk cocooneries353
Sill, Herbert130
Simpson, George509
Sims, James P.446
Sims, John C.444
Sisters of St. Joseph379,456
Skating ponds401
Sleager, Frederick412
Sloan, Samuel452
Slocum, Marshal255
Smith, Christian, Mrs.359
Smith, Cornelius220
Smith, Daniel B.78
Smith, Evelyn, Mrs.418
Smith, Harvey J.416
Smith, Henry359
Smith, James Somers, Mrs.330
Smith, John142
Smith, John Jay50, 236, 302
Smith, Lloyd P.78
Smith, Samuel430
Snowden, John238
Snyder, Adam435
Snyder, Daniel415,435
Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Market Square)340
Sower family321,418
Sower, Charles G.418
Sower, Christopher286
Sower, Rev. Christopher306
Sparrow Jack238
Spencer, Charles83
"Spook house"405
Spring Alley53
"Spring Bank"330
Springer, Enos138
Springs 402, 412, 417
Sprogel, John Henry498
Sprogell family149
Stadelman, John94
Stage coaches 97, 223, 411
Stallman, John410
Starr, Elizabeth291
Starr, Isaac378
Statehouse bell319
Stationery store363
Steamboat house353, 374
Stevens, Bishop418
Stevenson, May495,508
Stewardson, Thomas445
Stewart, Mr.470
Still, Charles414
Stinson, Samuel B.438
Stocks, prison, pound93
Stokes, James 80, 94, 96
Stokes, John97
Stokes, Mrs. Thomas P.C.330
Stokes, Wyndham H. 83, 85, 106, 318
Stokes's Mill83
Stone cutter's yard410
Stoneburner store94
Store (lumberyard, limeyard)406
Stores, great94
Story, Thomas263
Stove and tin store410
Strauss, Casper406
Strawbridge, Justice C.133
Strawbridge, Mrs.471
Strawbridge, Mrs. Dr. George330
Streepers, William421
street improvements318
Allen's Lane386
Bell's Mill378
Boyer Street387
Chestnut Avenue435
Chew Street239
Church Lane233
Cresheim Road401
Division Street239
Duy's Lane241
Evergreen Avenue451
Gorgas Lane255
Gowen (Miller) Avenue387
Gravers Lane (Jacoby's Lane)408
Greene Street235
Hartwell Avenue497
Harvey Street239
Highland Avenue239
Montgomery Avenue445
Mt. Pleasant Avenue387
Norwood Avenue488,508
Prospect Avenue438
Pulaski Avenue234
Queen Lane219
Roop's Lane239
School House Lane125
Shoemaker Lane 233, 235, 236
Springfield Avenue (Wissahickon, Park Avenue)405
Stenton Avenue438
Thomas's Lane239
Thorp's Lane496
Walnut Lane239
Wayne Avenue234
Willow Avenue378
Wister Street241
Of Chestnut Hill406
Streypers, Willem10
strong men/Longstroth, Piscator319
strong men/Sumner, Charles319
Stroud, William378,431
Strows, Mrs. Charlotte414
Stuart, George H. Jr.497
Stuart, Gilbert105,303
Stuckert, GeorgeT.97
"Sugar Loaf" 378,431, 445
Swope, Mr.470
Tarr's store79
Taylor, Capt.471
Taylor, Charles378, 430, 452, 464, 487, 488, 491
Taylor, Enoch321,323
Taylor, Mr.378
Taylor, Mrs.437
Taylor, Mrs. Charles488
Tedyuscung's death458
Temperance Hall415
Temple Rock457
"Ten-Acre Field"351
Ter Himpel, Elizabeth271
Terry, J. E.445,480
Thayer, Russell, Gen.480
The King's Highway (Gtn. Avenue)393
Thomas, Anthony351
Thomas, Esq., Robert358
Thomas, George C.451
Thomas, Mr.471
Thomas, Mrs. Agnes321
Thomas, Robert 361
Thomas, Robert H.266
Thompson, Fenton471
Thompson, John378
Thomson's Woods236
Thorn, W.H.387
Thorp family510
Thorp, Issachar510
Thorpe family514
Tilge, Henry437
Tilge, J. Henry471
Tilghman, Mrs.219
Tingley, Monroe W.471
Tolan, Rev. William B.434
Toland family29,50
Toll Gate 137, 234, 378, 406
Torrey, Jesse266
Tourison, Ashton387
Town Hall142,334
Townsend, Henry L.472
Townsend, Richard82,246,
Transportation, horse239,247
Trees, dwarf spruce284
TreesNorway firs378
Treessilver fir284
Treichel, Dr. Charles130
Trellinger, Andrew350
Tresse, Thomas119
Trimming store432
Trinity Lutheran Church62
Trotter, Charles W.379,431
Trotter, Edward H.378, 445
Trotter, William Henry378,445
Tunes, Abraham10
Turkey-shooting matches393
Turner, Robert119
Turnpike Company138,239
Twells, Mrs.134
Tyson, Reynier10
Uber, Nicholas412
Uhle, Jacob443
Uhler, Miss418
Uhler, Mrs.410
Ulmer. William A.113
Unrod, Jacob159,224
Unruh family325
Unruh houses324
Up den Graff, Abraham10
Up den Graff, Dirck10
Up den Graff, Hermann10
Upjohn, Rev. Samuel81
van Bebber, Jacob Isaacs62
Vanuxem, Mrs.452
Vaux, Hon. Richard (former mayor)
129, 480, 488
Wagner house50
Wagner, John128
Wagner, Mrs. Tobias495
Walker Lodge337
Walker, John T.359
Waln, Jesse71
Waln, Richard123
Waln, S. Morris129
Waln, Sarah123
Walter, John413
Walton, George412
Walton, Job413
War of 181279,410
Warmer, Elizabeth188
Warner, Christian179
Warner, Mary65
Warner/Warmer family175
Washington, George
89,113,181,250, 251
Washington, Lady251
Washington, Martha70, 71
Water Works 320, 327, 408, 412
Waterman, Isaac431
Waterman, Isaac S.378
Waterworks dam237
Watson, J. B.444
Watson, John F. 76, 101, 180, 244
Watson, Lucy Fanning244
Watson, William244
Watson's Annals244
Wayne Junction235
Weaver, George437
Weaver, Martin321
Weaver, Philip292
Webker, Mr.393
Webster, David437
Weightman House127
Weiss, Charles331
Weiss, George415
Weiss, Joseph Casper361,401
Welch, A.379
Welsh, Henry D.416,471
Welsh, Herbert330
Welsh, Hon. John330,443
Welsh, J. Lowber435,517
Welsh, John470
Welsh, John Jr.439
Welsh, John Lowber 443, 451, 480
Welsh, Samuel Jr.330
Weyant family412
Weygandt, Cornelius N.471
Wharton, Mr.411
Wheelwright shop407
Whelan, Rev. John455
White Cottage54,184
White, Ambrose378,417
White, Clarence471
White, Dr. S. S.471
White, Mr.470
White, Rev. W. P.357
Whitemarsh 438, 407, 501, 514, 520, 526
Whitney, Mrs. George492
Whittier, John G.261
Wiggan, George F.356
Wiley, Mrs.409
Wiley, Mrs. Robert414
Wilkinson, John390
William, William381
Williams, Elizabeth120
Williams, Henry J. 427,436,439,433
Williams, William141
Willing, Charles143
Willing, George78
Willow trees236
Wilson Brothers and Co.451
Wilson, George81
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.304
Wine/Livesey family395
Wingohocken, Chief236
Wingohocking river78, 233, 332
Wissahickondescription496, 517
WissahickonDevil's Pool (Hermit's Pool)380,403
WissahickonIndian Rock Hotel496
Wissahickonpoem by Miss C.H. Waterman498
WissahickonValley Green Road517
Wissahickon Drive496
Wissahickon Heights471
Wissahickon Inn401,497
Wissahickon valley470
Wistar and Kerrigan411
Wistar, Betsey78
Wistar, Dr. Caspar129
Wister house (Vernon)12, 106, 110
Wister, C. J.243
Wister, Charles J.49, 82, 304
Wister, Charles J. [son]49
Wister, Charles J.[Sr.]85
Wister, Daniel49
Wister, John 41,246
Wister, John, Sr.18
Wister, Mrs. William238
Wister, Owen J., Dr.41,342
Wister, William Rotch79
Wister, William Wynne58, 79, 219, 302, 317
Wister's Big House [Grumblethorpe]41
Witherspoon, Major322
Witt, Christopher, Dr.144, 174, 176, 231, 299, 352, 421
Woddropp, R. S.359
Wolf, Mr.361
Wolf, Peggy252
Wollf, Paul299
Woltemate's greenhouse61
Women's Christian Association83,341
Wood, George B.54,292
Wood, Isaac249
Wood, James R.471
Wood, John126
Wood, John D.433
Wood, Mrs. Mary406,413
Workingmen's Club 102, 341, 427
Wright, Edward N.130
Wright, Rev. J. Elliott89, 357
Wright, Robert K.106
Wright, Susannah252
Yeakel cottage404
Yeakel family431
Yeakel, Abraham468,514
Yeakel, Amy468
Yeakel, Charles416
Yeakel, Christopher431,514
Yeakel, Daniel514
Yeakel, Isaac514
Yellow fever 34,46,78,80,83, 89,
238, 303, 508
Yocum, Rev. Thomas354
Young Men's Christian Assocation114, 117,
Young, James B.470,495
Young, Mrs. James B.330
Young, Rev. R.F.404
Young, Robert F.434
Zell, Col. Elwood316
Zell, Hannah Ann341
Zell, Thomas316
Zimmerman, Matthias12,106
Physical Description 538 p. : ill. index